In 2003, Camille Ponsin directed his first documentary shot in Nepal: Ingénieurs, Sherpas et boîtes de conserves (KS Visions - TLM, 52’), selected at the festival Documentaries sur Grand Ecran and the Festival du Film Environnemental de Paris (2004).


His second film, Les Demoiselles de Nankin (Link – Public Sénat, 52’), which was shot in China over a year-long period, was particularly well-received. This documentary was awarded the Michel Mitrani prize at the FIPA 2008 and was widely shown in France (on Arte and the Public Sénat channel), as well as internationally.


His third film Bollywood Boulevard (Quark/France 5, 75’) was selected in the category creative documentary at the FIPA 2011, Etoile de la Scam 2012, and was broadcast primetime on France 5, and was both a critical and ratings success.


In 2013, he shot Le droit au baiser (LCP/Electrick films, 52’) in Istanbul. This documentary won the Jury Prize at the Fipa 2014, and at the festival Telas de Sao Paulo, in addition to the High School Prize at the Primed in Marseille.


In 2017 he directed a collection of 3 x 52’ on young elite athletes. Une jeunesse aux sommets (France 3 Région – TéléGrenoble – 8MontBlanc).


In 2019, he directed a documentary (Les grandes vacances, 75 ’) for the contemporary photography museum in Chengdu (China), a portrait of photographer Bernard Faucon, written by Arthur Dreyfus.


In 2021 he finished 4 O'clock at Marie-José's (provisional title), his first feature film for the cinema.

Les grandes vacances

Genre : Documentaire

Diffusion : Chengdu Photography museum

Minima productions

Année : 2019

Le droit au baiser

Genre : Documentaire

Diffusion : LCP

Electrick films

Année : 2014

Les demoiselles de Nankin

Genre : Documentaire

Diffusion : Public Sénat


Année : 2008

Une jeunesse aux sommets

Genre : Collection documentaire

Diffusion : FR3 AURA

Minima productions

Année : 2017

Bollywood boulevard

Genre : Documentaire

Diffusion : France 5


Année : 2011

Ingénieurs, Sherpas et boîtes de conserves

Genre : Documentaire

Diffusion : TLM

KS Visions

Année : 2003